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The importance of storytelling in your life


Heart Healthy

Storytelling lets you know you are not alone. When your world comes crashing down a good storyteller allows you to open more doors to happiness.

Encourages Life

Through storytelling you reach out to others with a moment of insight that propels you to go beyond what you thought possible.

Brings Harmony

Storytelling allows you to see there is a end to your current chapter. Turn your page begins your chapter filled with possibilities and opportunities.

Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing


Fran Syverson should have been the model 1950s housewife. She can prepare a well-balanced meal for surprise dinner guests on a moment’s notice, and she can fold a fitted sheet into an exactly perfect square (how does she do that?). But as these pages reveal, she is far from being a demure and obliging housewife.

Having survived the Great Depression in rural Wisconsin as a child of divorced parents, she moved west at age 16 to attend college. It was at UCLA that she met her future husband, Howard, with whom she had three kids. From raising a child with physical handicaps to losing loved ones later, Fran’s life has not been easy. But she has never fallen victim to life; she is present for it. In these pages you will meet a strong, adventurous, and often opinionated woman. Here Fran shares with you the secrets and wisdom gained during her first eight decades of life. You may decide that she wasn’t the “model” 1950s housewife after all, but perhaps she should have been.

"If God really intended us to fly it would be by helicopter."

Fran Syverson


Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing

Al Martinez

“I love your columns. You tie yesterday to today in a lovely bundle!”
— Al Martinez, Pulitzer Prize winner, newspaper columnist, author and screen writer

Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing

Meegan Tosh

“No one is better at taking the everyday thoughts and events we all share and mixing them with her own wry, poignant and insightful “InnerViews.” As a writer, reader and librarian, I can say Syverson’s vignettes of the highs and lows of life are deeply satisfying.”
—Meegan Tosh,Author, Librarian

Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing
Marsha Petrie Sue,

Through her amazing insight and humor, Fran Syverson cleverly captures life’s moments. Buy it, read it, and give it as gifts.”
— Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA, CSP, Accountability Master, author of “The Reactor Factor”

Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing

Marilyn Jenson

“‘InnerViews’ is a book to be savored. It provides priceless glimpses of life through the eyes of someone who sees significance in the smallest detail. Fran Syverson enlightens as well as entertains in this delightful collection of articles from her popular ‘Sierra Madre Mountain Views’ columns.”
— Marilyn Jenson, Columnist, Editor, Author of
“Phillis Wheatley”


What Others Say

Innerviews Storytelling syscriberpublishing

Sherry Barber

“I have a copy. Priceless. Others will benefit from your words.”​

John Johnson

John Johnson

“The stories are timeless, and acknowledge you are not alone.”

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