Ten Good Trips Breaking the Bonds of Earth beyond the visual to the sublime.

Ten Good Trips Breaking the Bonds of Earth. Some people ascribe to the notion that if God had meant for man to fly, he would have given us wings. Most of us, however, try to prove that we are meant to fly by quite regularly taking to the air to “break the bonds of earth.”

My own contention is that how God really intended us to fly is by helicopter. Helicopters are so human in scale, and have the ability to fly, to dart, and to hover. Those with the glassy nacelles are the best—where you can look down past your feet to the earth below, as well as out to the sides and up to the sky.

But I have three other favorite “breaking of the bonds.” Whether we can say they are truly flying, I am not sure, but they were most assuredly soaring—both body and soul.

Ten Good Trips Breaking the Bonds of Earth
Ten Good Trips Breaking the Bonds of Earth

My “wings” were, at different times, a balloon, a glider, and a parasail. We went to Pearblossom for the glider ride. Pearblossom is in the desert just over the mountains which ring Los Angeles. Arriving at the airport early in the morning, we watched a couple of rounds of other paying passengers before us….

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